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Balancing Rocks

Services Provided 

Individual Psychotherapy

I provide individual psychotherapy services to adults (18-65), and meet with clients on a weekly or biweekly basis, depending on needs. My style is non-directive, engaging, and collaborative, and I have had training in several different therapy models, so as to tailor therapy to each individual's unique needs. The beginning of therapy will primarily focus on getting to know you, and building a relationship in which you feel safe. As I get to know you and become more attuned to your needs, I will integrate techniques and approaches based on what works best. My work is informed by neuroscience, as well as polyvagal, attachment, and family systems theories, and I generally draw from person-centered, psychodynamic, internal family systems, collaborative, and somatic therapies. 

Sandtray Therapy

I have extensive training in sandtray therapy, which can be a profound and healing adjunct to talk therapy. Many of my clients report that sandtray therapy gives them access to their inner world, helps them to process experiences that are difficult to talk about, and helps them gain more insight into the issues that bring them to therapy. Sandtray therapy can also be a useful tool for integrating non-ordinary states of consciousness, as it can be difficult to put these types of experiences into words.

Psychedelic Integration 

I provide a confidential and non-judgmental space for psychedelic integration from a harm reduction standpoint. Please note that I do not do not provide, condone, or support the use of illegal substances, and that there can be significant legal and medical risks associated with the use of psychedelics. It's also important to acknowledge that some choose to participate in psychedelic experiences for personal and spiritual growth despite the risks. Therefore, I provide a safe space for individuals to process their experiences.  

Ketamine Assisted Therapy

In collaboration with Telos Transformational Therapies (, I offer Ketamine Assisted Therapy (KAT), which is currently the only legal and available psychedelic therapy in the United States.

At times, we may find ourselves getting stuck and struggling to move forward, as if we’re caught in quicksand. Ketamine can be a profound catalyst for moving towards change, as it can open up new ideas and possibilities. It can also aid in the healing process for those with unhealed wounds of the past. During your ketamine journey, I will be with you every step of the way, beginning with getting to know you and what you hope to get out of this experience. I take special care in preparing clients for ketamine sessions, and provide a safe, nurturing, and nonjudgmental space so that you can immerse yourself into the experience knowing that you are safe, cared for, and can be your authentic self without judgment. I am able to hold space for whatever shows up, and my support doesn't end with the ketamine experience. In between your ketamine sessions, I will continue to work closely with you to ensure that your experiences are adequately integrated, as this is key for meaningful, enduring change. 

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