Balancing Rocks

My Approach to Therapy 


I am a trauma-informed psychotherapist specializing in play therapy ( I primarily work with adults (18-65) using talk therapy in tandem with sandtray therapy, which is a form of play therapy that can be used with individuals of all ages. This approach is an alternative way to express yourself using sand and a variety of figures, and can be a profound and healing adjunct to talk therapy. Many report that sandtray therapy allows them to go deeper into their inner world, and brings forth new insights and helps them to better understand the problems that bring them to therapy. Many of my clients also find that sandtray therapy helps them to process challenging experiences, to work through unresolved conflicts, and to clarify wants and needs. 

Whether we're engaging in talk or play therapy, my primary approach is person-centered, as you are the expert on your life. Throughout the course of therapy, we will work in tandem, combining your self-knowledge and my years of training and experience. The beginning of therapy will primarily focus on getting to know you, and building a relationship in which you feel safe. We will go at your pace, and I will meet you where you are at each and every time we meet. As I get to know you and become more attuned to your needs, I may integrate various therapeutic techniques and approaches, depending on what you find helpful. This may include psychoeducation, bibliotherapy, play therapy, psychodynamic therapy, collaborative therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy. My work is also informed by neuroscience, polyvagal theory, attachment theory, and family systems theory.